What we do
We embed AI in the most important industrial processes to predict and improve their outcomes
Smarten up your operations
By training AI models on the real-world historical data from a given plant, we add an additional intelligent layer to your operations. It improves and automates decision-making at most critical production stages.
Increase efficiency
at scale
Our products directly optimize required process metrics, such as throughput, energy or raw material use. You gain much needed efficiency boost for high-volume, repetitive processes, at no capital cost.
Leverage the power of AI today
Our technology works with existing industrial data, equipment and process control software. You obtain quantifiable improvements in a matter of months, with minimal deployment efforts.
We provide a suite of AI-powered products that help industrial companies leverage accumulated data assets to maximize margins and improve yield
Mechanica Sense
Inferential measurements
Many process variables cannot be measured with high precision due to extreme operating conditions, or are known with a delay only after the costly lab analysis is performed. Our AI-powered virtual sensors allow measuring required metrics in real-time and even predict their future changes using available process data. With such estimations supplied for all the important properties, operators can exercise proactive process control and avoid inefficiencies.
Mechanica Predict
Precise and continious predictions
Having accurate early insight about the expected process outcome, specific product characteristics, or probability of defects is the essence of operational efficiency. Our predictive modules supply such predictions at the defined decision points to inform further workflow - for example, to switch product to a different route, alert technician about maintenance needs, or adjust operating parameters. By replacing generalized rule-based systems, Mechanica Predict allows making the best decision for each product, batch, unit or process iteration.
Mechanica Optimize
Actionable prescriptions
Fed with real-time process data, and presented with relevant process constraints, the module not only predicts, but also recommends the best decision to optimize for chosen metrics. The product can be applied to decrease raw material or energy consumption, or improve shop throughput without affecting product quality, for example. By accounting for weak factors and multiple hidden dependencies, the module outperforms existing physical models and expert judgement, and supplies optimal decisions to consistently operate at peak efficiency.
Each product is shipped as a software module that is easily integrated in the existing process control environment, either on premises or in the cloud
Production-grade artificial intelligence for real-world industrial operations
Tailored to work with industrial tasks
Out-of-the-box algorithms are insufficient to employ industrial AI. Our technology incorporates specific presets for a variety of industrial use cases, and tackles the usual data gaps and sensor mistakes. It ensures that value can be extracted even from limited and imperfect datasets, and robust model design is fit for production use. Having industrial sector as our sole focus, we develop our products so that they meet industry demand for model reliability and safety.
AI and domain knowledge combined
We use machine learning to complement existing physics-based models and process expertise. Through a set of proprietary approaches we incorporate interpretable domain knowledge in AI systems, customizing each product implementation to define optimal model architecture. By balancing accuracy and reliability, we ensure optimal performance in real production environment.
Full cycle of AI use
We deliver efficiency as a service. Our technology covers all stages of model lifecycle and all aspects of operational use. Our products smoothly interface with existing systems and include model quality monitoring, retraining and updates. With a subscription model, we provide not just the initial set-up, but ensure that model performance improves over time as more process data is accumulated.
Our products help capital-intensive process industries unlock the value of digital transformation
Metals and mining
Oil and gas
Food processing
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