Industrial AI: a job thief or a savior?
Jane Zavalishina
President and Co-founder, Mechanica AI
In this blog we will discuss the common misconception about artificial intelligence: AI is destroying jobs. But what if we tell you there's proof that in manufacturing the reality is quite the opposite?
When you work in AI, it's actually very often that people see you as a kind of a villain. AI is stealing jobs from people. AI is destroying people's lives by stripping them of their stable income. But is that really so?
The talent struggle
Тhe Manufacturing Institute of the United States has performed research on the public's perspectives on manufacturing. In one of the surveys, people were asked, which type of new facility people they support to create new jobs in their community. And most ranked manufacturing the highest!
But now, that's where it gets interesting. When they were asked what they would choose if they were beginning their own career today…
Suddenly manufacturing falls all the way down the ranks, being the very last choice for young people.
"Manufacturing is a great industry, just not for me!"
Guilt-free AI
To be honest, at first, we didn't realize how big of an issue is a lack of skilled young workers in manufacturing. As always, we learned it from our own experience. We were selling our product, pretty much as usual – cost savings, efficiency increase, the typical "show them the money" strategy.

But our client's reaction surprised us.
"You know what, I don't even care for all the savings that much", he said. "I mean yeah, saving would be nice, but there's something else I care much more about. My problem is, what do I do in 5 years when all my expert metallurgists retire?"
So no, by implementing AI in manufacturing you're not the evil guy to put people out of jobs. You are saving the industry by capturing the expertise, training the algorithms, so the factories still could go on in 10 years.

That is why now is the time to think about AI implementation.
AI learns from the expertise of your best workers – and helps to make sure you've got a high-quality product for years to come.
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